Sorry, Folks, This Awesome Merlin Extralight Titanium Road Bike Has Been Sold!

this image is from the Merlin website

Due to the untimely decease of my cycling brother, an astonishing, gorgeously maintained, Merlin Extralight road bike was for sale. We regret to inform you that it has now been sold. Thanks very much for your interest.

Yes, it's a Merlin Extralight titanium road bike with Campagnolo grupo!

Here are the specs:

    Frame and Fork: Merlin Extralight 54cm titanium frame (56cm top tube) and a Time carbon fork.

    Grupo: Campagnolo Record (Campy's top line) components - all a fairly new upgrade with 9-speed and Ergo levers (the equivalent of Shimano's STI). The only older parts are the brakes which were probably part of the original grupo, also Record - they're the older delta shape, something of a collector's item.

    Pedals: Campagnolo Chorus pedals.

    Wheels: Campagnolo Vento wheels, clincher, deep section with bladed spokes and carbon hubs. The front wheel is radial spoked. The rear wheel is a combination radial and tangential.

    Extra Wheels: The original wheels are Campagnolo hubs, probably Campagnolo Record, with Mavic Open 4CD rims (this is a very good clincher rim). They are 7-speed and, I think, freewheel as opposed to cartridge. They're packed in nice, handy, nylon wheel bags - a great extra.

    Pump: A Zefal full-size frame pump.

    Tires: A couple of new Vittorio tires and a couple of tubes (all still in boxes).

    Shoes: Two pairs, one road, and one mountain. Men's size 12. These are obviously optional, in case you're not a men's size 12 or in case you've got shoes to spare already.

We were right... This bike was not for sale for long!

this image is from the Merlin website
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